About PIU
PIU Research and Development was founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in July 2010, as a single-member limited liability company, as a legal entity.

Company was founded for a limited amount of time, i.e. until the end of implementation of the Project Public Sector Research and Development.

On 30th December 2016, the Government of the Republic of Serbia delivered a Decision on amendment and addenda to the Decision on the establishment of a limited liability company for managing of the project Public Sector Research and Development, based on which the Company is enabled to manage other projects as well, entrusted to it by an international agreement, law, founding act or contract concluded with the users of public funds, as well as to manage project financing, implementation deadlines, manners of reporting, public procurements necessary to be conducted and the manner of their realization.

Company operates under the new business name - Limited liability Company “Public Sector Projects Implementation Unit“ Belgrade, or abbreviated “Public Sector Projects Implementation Unit“ Ltd. Belgrade.
This change of the Founding Act provides the Company with the possibility of working on projects in various areas.

Company now performs its activities indefinitely, while the description of the activities of the Company is expanded to the following: consulting, management and supervision.

Company performs the activities of providing services of consulting and management regarding the implementation of the national part of the joint Regional Housing Programme, which refer to the preparation of the technical and tender documents, conducting the public procurement processes, contracting, internal control, financial and accounting services, monitoring and reporting, as well as providing other specialized services necessary for the implementation of the national part of that regional programme.

Company can conduct other activities as well, including the foreign trade activities and services related to foreign trade within its scope, in accordance with the Law and the Decision on establishment.

Company, within the scope of its activities, acquires funds from the income generated through performing the activities, financial loans, donations and aids, budget of the Republic of Serbia and other sources in accordance with the law.

Company does business involving funds owned by the state.
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