Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
First anniversary of PIU
Today is the official anniversary of the Project Implementation Unit Research and Development, as it was registered at the Agency for Company Registries on this day in 2010.

First financial transaction from European Investment Bank (EIB) was realized in Decembre 2010, as soon as all fromal and legal obligations were met. The beginning of 2011 saw realization of public tenders and open calls for consultants for individual projects, that were planned to start in the first half of the year.

So far five construction sites are active:
- Central Building of the University of Novi Sad
- Scientific Technology Park "Zvezdara" in Belgrade
- Natural Centre in Svilajnac
- Scientific and Technology Park Phase 1 in Novi Sad
- Science Centre Petnica

The five active sites engage a total of nine construction companies from Serbia, whose condition was to hire 200 workers at the construction site. In addition, the engagement team of designers and domestic surveillance. It can be said that the PIU has hired more than 1,600 local experts and workers.

In the following year the plan is to design, launch and award contracts for construction of the following facilities:

1. Science and Technology Park Phase 2 in Novi Sad
2. Scientific and Technological Park in Niš
3. Medical School and the Center for stem cells in Kragujevac
4. Scientific and Technological Park in Kragujevac
5. Apartments for young researchers in Kragujevac
6. Nanocentre in Belgrade
7. Apartments for young researchers in Belgrade
8. IRTCUD Civil Engineering in Belgrade
9. Faculty of Sciences in Belgrade
10.Centre for promotion of Science in Belgrade
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