Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
Visiting the petnica construction site
Research Station in Petnica will in spring 2012, upon the completion of the construction works, become a leading European extracurricular educational center, the new equipment will also be the infrastructure for all secondary schools in Serbia, and expansion of accommodation in the station will provide the education and development of tourism was the statement made by the Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic and Minister of Education and Science of Zarko Obradovic during a tour of the Research Center Petnica together with the leaders of the city of Valjevo.
Construction works onthe extension of Petnica have begun in May 2011 and it is envisaged that in spring 2012 the new facilities are ready for new participants were in the station. Deputy Prime Minister Djelic said that this investment is a strong asset for Valjevo and the region in terms of tourism education, since more students and teachers from the country and abroad come to Petnica. Minister Obradovic underlined that the entire educational system of Serbia will benefit from this investment, adding that the new station facilities will also be used for the training of professors and teachers and for professional and expert meetings and congresses.
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