Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
The Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted a Conclusion of the new assembly of Steering committee of the company "PIU Research and Development" Belgrade ltd
At the Government meeting held on 27 of February 2015, for representatives of the Republic of Serbia, as founder of the Company with limited liability "PIU Research and Development" Belgrade, for which on the basis of legal authorization of founder's rights holds the Government, to the Steering Committee with limited liability "JUP Research and Development " Belgrade, are determined:

1) Phd Jordan Aleksic, doctor of Sociological and legal sciences from Belgrade,
2) Phd Petar Skundric, doctor of Technical Sciences in Belgrade,
3) MSc Ljubisa Antonijevic, master of Political Sciences in Belgrade,
4) Phd Edita Kastratović, doctor of Philosophy in Belgrade,
5) Phd Jovan Nikčević, doctor of Legal sciences in Belgrade,
6) Phd Radomir Saičić, doctor of Chemical sciences from Belgrade,
7) Phd Aleksandar Belic, graduate of Physicis from Belgrade.

Duty performer of the President of the Committee shall be carried by Phd Jordan Aleksic.
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