Monday, November 28th, 2011
Timeline for realization of the public procurement for purchasing consumables
Timeline for purchasing consumables, according to the procurement notice published on Thursday 24th of November 2011., is as follows:

Submitting the bids and official opening of the bids by 23rd of January 2012, according to the terms and conditions from the procurement documentation.

24.01.2012. - 31.01.2012. expert evaluation of bids
01.02.2012. - 03.02.2012. reporting to the European Investment Bank (EIB)
04.02.2012. - 09.02.2012. appeals
10.02.2012. publicizing the final list of chosen suppliers and signing contracts.

Public procurement for purchasing computers and additional equipment, as well as acquisition of photo and video equipment will be launched on Friday, 9th of December 2011.

Goods that researchers have enlisted as needed but are not included in the procurement, will be acquired as soon as PIU receives additional procedures from EIB.

Procurement of consumables will be realized regularly on quarterly basis. The following procurement will be launched on 31.12.2011.

Detailed information on the public procurement can be found following this link
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