Wednesday, October 10th, 2012
Highly specialized equipment delivered to Chemistry Faculty
An ICP-MS and HPLC System 1260 series-binary pump has been purchased, delivered and installed as part of the Project of purchase of highly specialized scientific equipment. In addition, training has been completed for the users.

The equipment has been delivered to the Chemistry Faculty of the University of Belgrade and has been approved under the scientific project of basic research number 172030.

The ICP-MS is due to its’ characteristics the best method of determining the traces of most elements. This device will be used to identify various elements in routine environmental screenings as well as for geological research, clinical research, materials testing, food industry and pharmacological studies. It will also be used to analyze archeological artifacts. Besides its basic usage, the ICP-MS will be used to develop new analytic methods with lower detection barriers. Coupled with IC, LC, FI and HPLC, the device also enables the team to perform various species analysis.

The device is available to the entire research community through the following link:
Informator o radu