EU flagImproving higher education infrastructure in Serbia

This project is funded by the European Union

Project Description:

Under this 3,630,000 Euro project, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by a Spanish-based consulting and engineering company EPTISA, EU HETIP team of experts provides Technical Assistance to support the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in the implementation of the EIB R&D Infrastructure Investment Initiative. Since March 2011, EU HETIP team of experts acts as the main technical advisor to the PIU and provides support in tendering and monitoring/construction supervision of all the related buildings and facilities.

The overall objective of this project is to support the development of a knowledge-based economy in Serbia that responds to future labour market demands in line with the Lisbon Strategy Purpose.

The purpose of this contract is to ensure that EU and EIB standards and best practices are respected through support to the PIU in the implementation of the above-mentioned initiative, which is aimed at revitalizing public R&D in Serbia, and includes upgrading a mix of hard and soft loan components:
  • New capital equipment for research, value 50 MEuro, Procurement of Consumables, value 40 MEuro;
  • Human Resources Programme aimed at attracting back some of the around 1,400 Serbian scientists working abroad;
  • Centres for the Promotion of Science:New Belgrade, 33,500 m2 GFA, value of works – 40 MEuro, value of equipment/exhibits – 25 MEuro;
  • Natural Centre Svilajnac, 3,000 m2 GFA, value 6.11 MEuro;
  • The Petnica Science Centre, Belgrade, 7,979 m2 GFA, value of works 9.69 MEuro;
  • National Laboratory for Physics, Materials and Nanoscience, New Belgrade, 12,600 m2 GFA, underground parking 4,710m2, total value of works - 20 MEuro, value of equipment - 20 MEuro;
  • Main Building of the University of Novi Sad, 8,199 m2 GFA, value 4.08 MEuro;
  • Science and Technology Parks: Belgrade (Zvezdara), 16,446 m2 GFA, value 14.80 MEuro;
  • Centres of Excellence Kragujevac, 8,000 m2 GFA, value 14.58 MEuro;
  • Science and Technology Park Novi Sad Phase I - 2,130 m2 GFA, value 1.44 MEuro, Phase II – 35,000 m2 GFA, value 20 MEuro;
  • Apartments for scientists and young researchers: Belgrade, 16,202 m2; Kragujevac, 10,000 m2;
  • Creation of Centres of Excellence in priority research fields; energy and energy efficiency, environmental protection and climate change, materials science and Nano sciences, agriculture and food, biomedicine and information and communication technologies;
  • Upgrade of the Academic Computer network and infrastructure for the "Supercomputing Initiative", value for equipment 10 MEuro;
  • Infrastructure for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

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