Science Center Petnica
Location  Valjevo is located 100 km west of Belgrade,in the close vicinity of the highway connecting the north and south part of Serbia.The Science centre is situated in a village Petnica near Valjevo, Cadastral parcel No. 253/1 
Gross building area  7979.07 m² (without landscaping)  
Description  Petnica will have 17.000 square metres that includes accommodation with 170 beds, congress halls, social club and depo for archeology, a new modern laboratory for physics, biology and chemistry of 1.300 square meters, a planetarium for wider projectile possibilities, an extended and modernized kitchen, a reconstructed educational centre, a library and almost 500 square metres of exhibition space.

6 facilities in total building gross area:
  • accommodation(3.478,81 m²)
  • laboratory (1.514,22 m²)
  • restaurants with gallery (1.305,79 m²)
  • teaching centre (1.235,33 m²)
  • library (444,92m²)
  • landscaping
Period for the completion
of the design 
Construction period  June 2011 - August 2013 
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Science Center Petnica, final phase

Science Center Petnica, March 2012

Science Center Petnica, February 2012

Science Center Petnica, January 2012

Science Center Petnica, December 2011.

Science Center Petnica, November 2011.

Science center Petnica, October 2011.

Science Center Petnica, September 2011.

Science center Petnica, August 2011.

Science center Petnica July 2011.

Science Center Petnica, April 2012

Science Center Petnica, site status prior to construction works

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