Natural Center Svilajnac
Location  Svilajnac is located 100 km south of Belgrade with excellent access from the main national highway E75. The facility holds a position between the local sports hall and a primary school.
Gross building area  3.166,22 m² 
Description  The facility includes several functional blocks as follows:
  1. Scientific research unit, which includes workshops - laboratory for research of visiting experts, students, high school or elementary school children.
  2. Educational exhibit block, which contains exhibition space with exhibits from different periods of development of the planet Earth.
  3. Commercial block, which contains the service content.
  4. Administrative block, which contains rooms for people who care about the functioning of scientific research.
  5. Technical block, which contains rooms dedicated facility operation in technical and technological terms.
  6. Utility rooms and Communications
Period for the completion
of the design 
Construction period   
Public Invitations
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Natural Center Svilajnac, final phase

Natural Center Svilajnac, April 2012

Life-size dinosaur replicas and skeletons, March 2012.

Natural Center Svilajnac, March 2012

Natural Center Svilajnac, February 2012

Natural Center Svilajnac, January 2012

Natural Center Svilajnac, November 2011.

Natural center Svilajnac, October 2011.

Natural center Svilajnac, September 2011.

Natural Center Svilajnac, August 2011.

Natural center Svilajnac, July 2011.

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